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In Memory of 
Austin Nicholas Barthen

This is the story of  Austin Barthen who was born in Columbus, Ohio on February 26, 1981.  He left us on September 16, 2005 in Maple Shade, New Jersey.  He was only 24 years old. 

As a Freight Dispatcher on the East Coast, he was rapidly advancing his career and looking forward to his future promotion as Operations Manager of his own satellite office in his beloved home state of Ohio. He wanted to get married, buy a home and have children. 

His future held great promise. 

My wonderful, smart, sweet, gentle, kind, handsome son left a huge void in this world when he fell asleep and never woke up. 

In our hearts, Austin will live forever. 

02/26/1981 - 09/16/2005 

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Thank you dear friends and family of Austin’s  
for remembering him on 
Saturday, September 15, 2007

The anniversary date of losing our precious Austin is so very difficult and painful.  We are grateful for those that reach out to us and help us through these days and let us know that Austin will always be remembered with love.  


To: Ryan, Austin's brother...

To: All of Austin's Friends...

Thank You for Remembering

Saturday, September 16, 2006

I went to Ohio to be there for my loving son, Ryan. I knew how hard it was for Ryan to see the one year anniversary of the day his brother left us.  Ryan had a spectacular celebration of Austin's memory, so many, many of Austin's friends were there. It was held on the family farm, by the pond Austin dearly loved. There was fishing and night the pond was filled with floating candles. Austin's old pickup truck was parked, with a lit candle and an open beer on the dashboard. Ever so often, someone would rev the engine up for Austin. One friend, Matt Moore, built a tall platform holding candles to be lit, in the middle he shaped wire into a wonderful tree with branches reaching upward.

I know that Austin was "there".

I didn't stay long at the was hard to keep from being too emotional, and also I felt that this was such a sacred thing between Austin, his brother and his friends. I didn't want to interrupt. It was enough for me to know that it was happening...I didn't need to be in the middle of it. 
I want to thank all of Austin's friends for being there not only remember Austin but also, and very importantly, to support Ryan.


"Egyptians believed that using and saying a deceased person's name assured them immortality."

Austin's favorite color was blue.

Austin was 6' 3" tall.

Austin loved old pickup trucks.

Austin loved to sit on a creek bank fishing with friends. 

Austin was elected on the student council in 8th grade.

Austin wore size 14EEE shoes.

Austin had gentle, brown eyes.

Austin lived across from Manhattan when he was 21 yrs. old.

Austin loved to grill steaks on his patio.

Austin had a big, white cat that he dyed pink with Kool-ade.

Austin wrote songs.

Austin loved to eat sushi.

Austin was a self-taught electrician.

Austin drove his mother's Mercedes SLK hard top convertable.

Austin liked to go to Hooters in Manhattan.

Austin was a dispatcher for a trucking company.

Austin wanted to have children.

Austin was going down to help Katrina victims, because he didn't want his Mom to go alone.

Austin called his Mother everyday from his bring him lunch.

Austin watched South Park, Crocodile Hunter, National Geograhic, and fishing shows.

Austin loved nature and animals.

Austin's friends called him Bopper, Tino, and Tino Bopper.

Austin's Mom called him Austie.

Austin's brother, Ryan called him Austin, The Boston... Baked Beans.
Austin's friends played this song at his graveside, 
after the service.

I Miss You

Really gonna miss you. It's really gonna be different without you.
Time is going to be hard and slow. For the rest of my life, going to be thinking about you.
Yes I am. Time came when you had to go.

"I'll miss you my buddy. I'll miss you my friend.
I'll promise my love for you will never end.

"In your finest hour, I was there with you. And without you things won't be the same.
there's a higher power that we answer to and you heard him calling your name.

"Really gonna miss you. Everything about you. Your smiling face. I know you want us all to be strong. 
I'm really gonna miss you.
I know you've gone to that magic place -- singing you a brand new song. Really gonna miss you.

-Smokey Robinson

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Condolences  / Joseph DiLuigi (Friends,son.)
Hi LesliI'd like to offer my condolences.You're a wonderful person Lesli and I Hope you are surrounded by family and people who love you .Friends forever Joe
With Deepest Sympathy   / Susan Moore Fannin (friend)
I was so sorry to learn of your lost.  Although some time has past I  am sure it is still difficult- I will keep you all in my prayers.
From Kenton's mom   / Susi Easter (no relation )
Austin was a friend of my son's. Kenton attended that wonderful party at the farm in his memory and had a great time. I did not know Austin personally, but being the mother of a young adult son who likes to live dangerously, I know what it's like t...  Continue >>
Thinking of you during this tough time . . . . .   / Aunt Jill (Aunt)
May you find peace in your loss.  Love to Ryan, Lesli, Mike, Grandma and Grandma Barthen, Grandma Lily, and all the other family members that helped to shape Austin into the wonderful young man he was.  Austin, I can imagine that you are fi...  Continue >>
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His legacy
stars in the sky  
"Perhaps they are not stars in the sky but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.... "
What Austin gave to us.  
He had the most wonderful laugh. To hear him laugh made you happy inside.

He gave wonderful hugs. He would lean down and wrap his big, strong arms around you and pat you on the back with his huge, gentle hands.

His smile would warm your heart. His face had such a gentle, loving sweetness.

He had friends for life. His spirit was always loving and caring and good natured. He did his best to make others happy.

This is how we remember him.

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