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Austin was born on a Thursday morning in Columbus, Ohio on February 26, 1981. Austin had a four year old brother, Ryan, that couldn't wait to see his baby brother.  

By the time Austin was 14 months old, Ryan would drag a chair up to the crib early in the morning and say, "Escape, Austin, escape!".  Austin would climb over the crib railing, step onto the chair and slide down to the floor, all the while smiling and laughing.

They always looked after each other. 
May 25, 1986

Austin, 5 yrs. old, with his brother, Ryan and his Mom and Dad participated in Hands Across America.

Austin took Oxycontins and fell asleep on September 16, 2005 at the age of 24 and never woke up.  He didn't mean to leave us, he would never want to hurt us.
September 26, 2011
My sweet boy would have turned 30 yrs. old, if only he had not taken OxyContins.
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